Free Cartoon Character Patterns for Stained Glass

Find free cartoon character patterns for stained glass in this ever growing list of free patterns that are found on the internet. To see more free stained glass pattern categories, go to Pattern Search.

**Please be aware that these free patterns are protected by copyright laws and are not for resale, or commercial or non commercial distribution, which includes books, web sites, on-line forums, e-books, pamphlets, or photocopied distribution. Also, please read each web sites individual rules for the use of their patterns.**

Cartoon Character Patterns

Bart Simpson

Bugs Bunny

Cartoon Cat


Crazy Bee

Dancing Penguin


Dino 2

Dodger Ramjet

Dopey Dawg

Fat Guy Super Man


Flying Pig

Frog Waiter


Goofy Dragon

Grasshoppers Skipping Rope

Grateful Dead Bears

Harry Potter

Little Mermaid

Milotic Water Dragon from Pokemon

Mouse Ate Too Much Cheese


Mr Toad

Mrs Toad

Ninja Turtle

Ninja Turtle 2

Ninja Turtle 3

Not Hello Kitty



Road Runner

Sheriff low Blow

Spider Man

Super Mouse 2

Super Mouse

Sylvester the Cat

Turtle Taking a Bath

Two Cats

Tweety Bird


Yellow Submarine


Wizard of Id

Science Fiction and Action Characters

Captain Kirk

Ctulhu In Frame

Dr Spock

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Ghost of Death

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

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