Free Musical Instrument Patterns

Find free musical instrument patterns for stained glass in this ever growing list of free patterns found on the internet. To search for other free stained glass patterns, go to Free Pattern Search.

**Please be aware that these free patterns are protected by copyright laws and are not for resale, or commercial or non commercial distribution, which includes books, web sites, on-line forums, e-books, pamphlets, or photocopied distribution. Also, please read each web sites individual rules for the use of their patterns.**

Musical Instruments


Drum Set


Fender Stratocaster Guitar

French Horn (modern design)

Guild T-100 Guitar (modern design)


Gibson Guitar

Lute Player

Ovation “Tangent” Guitar (modern design)

Resonator Guitar (modern design)

Tacoma “Chief” Guitar (modern design)

Treble Clef

Treble Clef and 3 Notes

Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass (modern design)


Bruce Springsteen Album Cover

Clay Aiken


Jazz Player

Picasso Guitarist

Shamisen Player

Toby Keith

Yellow Submarine (Beatles’)

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