Pricing Stained Glass

How do you go about pricing a stained glass item?


A pretty simple formula that isn’t perfectly accurate, but will work, is to charge the cost of materials plus $3.00 for every piece of glass. If you’ve been working with glass for any time at all, it is fairly easy to estimate how much your materials will cost (at least a ball park figure).

For example, on a panel with 80 pieces, you might have $20 worth of lead, $100 worth of glass, and $5.00 worth of solder. Total materials cost $125 plus $240 (80 pieces @ $3) for a total price of $365. This method helpd to factor in bevels, etching, wire work, anything above and beyond a simple window.

Another way to charge is by the square foot for panels. The going base rate can range anywhere from $50-$200 per square foot depending on your location and the detail of the panel. Add an additional $3.00 per piece. So if you charge a person $100 for a square foot size panel and it has 20 pieces the price will be $160.

Everybody uses their own formula in pricing and many of us use more than one. On flat panels such as windows we charge per square foot but how much will depend on detail & materials. Our base price is $90 per square foot. We occasionally charge a design fee ($50 to $100) if it’s going to be something way out of the ordinary and I know it will take me hours to come up with an acceptable design (I do only original designs, nothing out of a book). In the end, the design fee is always deducted from the price of the window. We also ask for 1/3 down before we start constructing the window and the rest is due at the time of installation.

Lampshades and other 3-D objects are charged by the cost of materials plus $3 to $5 per piece maybe even more if it’s a 1000 piece Tiffany lamp.

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