Free Glass Fusing Patterns for Stained Glass

**Please be aware that these free glass fusing patterns are protected by copyright laws and are not for resale, or commercial or non commercial distribution, which includes books, web sites, on-line forums, e-books, pamphlets, or photocopied distribution. Also, please read each web sites individual rules for the use of their patterns.**

These patterns are part of an ever growing list of free patterns found on the internet. To search for more free stained glass patterns go to Pattern Search.

Glass Fusing Patterns

Acorn Cluster

Advanced Fusing Techniques

Angelic Christmas Pin

Basic Bug

Basket Weave Decorative Platter

Bent heart

Black Spider

Bowl, Dish or Platter

Christmas Bell

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Tree

Classic Plaid Slumped Plate

Clock (PDF file)

Clock Fusing Techniques (PDF file)

3 Deco Dishes

Decorative Platters

Dichroic Brooch

Easter Wreath with Fused Eggs (PDF file)

Fiber Paper Ornaments

3 Floral Coasters (PDF file)

Flower Project

Fourth of July Hat

Fused Cat

Fused Panel Project

Glass Inclusion Used To Make A Glass Art Pendant

Gingerbread Man

Glass Handprint Wall Hanging or Dish


Holiday Diamond Ornament


How to Make a Fused Bead 1

How to Make a Fused Bead 2

How to Make Bubbles in Fused Pieces

How to Make Cabochons

How to Make Nuggets

Kiln Pressed Glass Tutorial

Kitty Love

Lady Bug

Monarch Butterfly Tutorial

Pendant with Bent Glass Stringer

Peter Cottontail

Poinsettia Plate (PDF file)

Rainforest Dish (PDF file)

Reindeer (PDF file)

Scrap Glass Project


Slumped Bowl


Snowman Plate

Triangular Shaped Brooch

Wasser Holiday Ornaments 1 (PDF file)

Wasser Holiday Ornaments 2

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