Free Patterns for Stained Glass – Repairing Stained Glass

The art of stained glass is one of beauty and craftsmanship, but even the most skilled artisan will encounter the need for repairs. Here’s how to fix your stained glass.

First, assess the damage. Is it a crack or a chip? Is the lead came (the framework that holds the pieces of glass together) bent or broken? Knowing the extent of the damage will help you plan the repair.

Next, gather your tools. A good soldering iron, lead-free solder, flux, a pair of pliers and a glass cutter. You’ll also need a clean, well-lit work space.

If the damage is a crack or chip, use the glass cutter to carefully remove the damaged piece. Sand the edges of the remaining glass to make sure they are smooth. Measure and cut a replacement piece of glass to fit. Use the flux and solder to carefully attach the new piece to the lead came.

If the lead came is bent or broken, use the pliers to carefully straighten or replace it. Make sure the lead came is tight against the glass and the joints are soldered securely.

Finally, inspect your repair. Hold it up to the light to make sure there are no gaps or inconsistencies in the solder. If all is well, your repair is complete.

Remember, each repair is different and the key to a good repair is patience and attention to detail. Don’t rush the process and take your time to make sure every joint is secure and every piece is fitted perfectly.

Stained glass is a thing of beauty, and a well-done repair can make a damaged piece look like new. With care and precision, you too can make your stained glass shine once more.

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